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Editorial review


Sean O'Reilly Senior editor

Most people like to frame the photos that they hold dearest. But, in order to do that with digital format pictures, you will need a special application to help you out. GoodFrame was designed to be a solution for tasks of this type.

Probably the best thing about GoodFrame is that it will allow you to frame your pictures the way you want to, without altering their resolution or their scale.
In this free version of the program you will not be able to create your own frames and you can only choose from very few templates.

A great advantage of this application is that it is capable of batch framing your pictures. However, there is a downside: GoodFrame can only work with a single file or a single folder, so you will need to move all the pictures you want framed to the same directory, rather than simply creating a list in the interface of the program.

Another positive thing is that GoodFrame can also act as a photo editor and it allows you to rescale or crop your images. Unfortunately, you will not be able to alter the contrast and brightness or to add any effects.

Although you do not have to pay for it, I still don't think that GoodFrame is an application that I could recommend. The functionality of the program is very low and its interface needs some improvements. So, if you need an actual solution for your framing needs, I recommend choosing the Plus version of the program, as it is drastically improved.


  • Supports batch framing.
  • Keeps the EXIF information of your images.
  • Lets you resize your images.


  • Can only batch process from a single folder.
  • Doesn't display tooltips for its buttons.
  • Doesn't let you use watermarks.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 1.6 MB

What's new in version 1.5

Version 1.5 (soon)

- Completely new design

- Display some exif information

- Possibility to have full screen windows for the frame and information edition

- Bugs corrected

Publisher's description

You can already find many softwares to add frames to your pictures, so why a new one ?

GoodFrame is diferent.
You are going to find out why:
When you add a frame to a picture in a normal way the ratio is not kept.

Example :
Let say your picture is 3872 x 2592 pixels, the ratio between the height and the width is 1,5 (15/10). You want to a frame that is 400 pixels thick. The new size of you picture is now 4672 x 3392 pixels, and the ratio between the height and the width is 1,38, diferent from 1,5

If you just want to display it on a website it is not a problem but if you want to print it on a 15/10 format the result will not be very nice.
You are going to have black vertical bands on the left and on the right or the frame will be only 261 pixels thick on the top and on the bottom.

This why this software was developed.

Here is the list of the features:
- Can work on one picture or on a complete folder
- Some standard frames are delivered
- The frames can be composed of 4 diferent colors
- A logo can be added on the picture
- A watermark can be added
- A signature can be added
- The pictures can be resized in order to be published on a web site for example.
- The JPeg quality can be selected.
- The original pictures are never modified.
- The exifs information are kept
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